We can come to you

We specialise in bringing fitness events and experiences to your venue

Whether it's a fitness club, event location or a sports ground

Quarry Fitness can provide the equipment, staff and experience you need

Find Your Limits at Your Own Venue

Our team and equipment can travel!

Some of our awesome equipment and our personal trainers are available to come to you.

If you have a sporting event and you want to add something a little different to keep everyone entertained, or you have the space to run a bootcamp, we can help.

It’s not every day you get the chance to be a Strongman or Strongwoman and have a go at lifting some stones, logs and flipping huge tractor tyres just like you see on The Worlds Strongest Man!

We can bring our equipment and expertise to you and run one of our bootcamps. Or we can attend sports events and just give everyone a taster of what The Quarry is all about and bring something fun and different to your event.

If you would like more information on what we can offer, please contact us below or via Facebook page.